Adelaide Academies Manager Jarrod Meers says the Club is about to hit a “sweet spot” when it comes to potential father-son talents.

Across the Crows’ 32-year history, they have welcomed three father-son prospects onto its list which include Ben Jarman, Jackson Edwards and, most recently, Max Michalanney. 

Joining Sauce and Thomo on last week’s episode of The Crows Radio Show, Meers said there are a number of players coming through the Crows Academy that supporters should be excited about.

“The good news for the Crows supporters out there is that we’ve got 43 father-sons that range in age from the young ones, right up to those getting to the top end of the talent pool,” Meers said. 

“Young Welshy (Tyler Welsh), Trigga’s (Simon Tregenza) son Caleb, Harry Thompson, who has now started playing footy at Glenelg, (and) Mitch Stevens.

“There are a whole array of names coming through the father-son program, and on the other side of that we’ve got the father-daughter and mother-daughter prospects as well. 

“We’re starting to hit a sweet spot when it comes to the maturity of the Adelaide Football Club, and with that comes some sons and daughters of former players rising through the ranks.”

The Crows Academy is now in its seventh year and has three components - the Boys Next Generation Academy (NGA), Girls NGA and father-son program.

The Academy is currently made up of about 50 boys and girls. 

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