Adelaide’s No.23 guernsey – made famous by Club legend Andrew McLeod – will be worn by star forward Izak Rankine next season.

Rankine will move from No.22 to 23 and become the fifth consecutive Indigenous player to wear the jumper after McLeod, Jared Petrenko, Charlie Cameron and Shane McAdam.

“I was born on the 23rd (of April) so it’s my favourite number,” Rankine said.

“And growing up I tried to wear it as much as I could, but with a lot of the junior guernseys they were smallest to biggest so I’d often end up with number three or something like that.

“When I got to Gold Coast it was already taken by Sean Lemmens, so I went for 22 which was the next closest.

“Then when I came to Adelaide, Shane (McAdam) already had 23 so I stayed with 22.

“But as soon as it opened up I was keen to wear it. I know the history behind it with a lot of Indigenous players having been in the number and I want to do it proud.

“And having previously been Bunji’s number, he is such a key part of the history of the Club, I loved watching him play when I was younger so I can’t wait to wear it myself.”

In other guernsey changes for 2024, Gold Coast recruit Chris Burgess will wear No.21, while draftees Daniel Curtin will be in No.6, Charlie Edwards in No.11 and Oscar Ryan in No.22.

Full list of guernsey numbers for 2024:

1 Chayce Jones

2 Ben Keays

3 Sam Berry

4 Lachlan Murphy

5 Matt Crouch

6 Dan Curtin (new)

7 Riley Thilthorpe

8 Josh Rachele

9 Rory Sloane

10 Luke Pedlar

11 Charlie Edwards (new)

12 Jordan Dawson

13 Taylor Walker

14 Jake Soligo

15 Brayden Cook

16 Max Michalanney

17 Will Hamill

19 Zac Taylor

20 Mitch Hinge

21 Chris Burgess (new)

22 Oscar Ryan (new)

23 Izak Rankine (new)

24 Josh Worrell

25 Ned McHenry

26 Harry Schoenberg

27 Luke Nankervis

28 Nick Murray

29 Rory Laird

30 Wayne Milera

31 Billy Dowling

32 Darcy Fogarty

33 Brodie Smith

34 Elliott Himmelberg

35 James Borlase

37 Patrick Parnell

38 Lachlan Sholl

40 Hugh Bond

41 Jordon Butts

43 Reilly O’Brien

44 Lachlan Gollant

45 Kieran Strachan

48 Mark Keane