Defender Josh Worrell will spend the next week at home recovering from surgery on a fractured arm before resuming exercise next week.

Worrell had left arm surgery on Monday after he was injured in a tackle during Sunday’s clash with Brisbane at Adelaide Oval.

Kuwarna High Performance Manager Darren Burgess said it was an unfortunate injury but Worrell remained in good spirits.

“I’ve spoken with Josh this week and he’s feeling surprisingly good considering it was a pretty serious fracture,” Burgess said.

“It’s very much a football injury, everyone saw the tackle, it’s a high-risk sport and unfortunately Josh was the victim of an unfortunate incident.

“He’s had successful surgery and they’ve used some screws and plates to repair the fracture he had in both bones of his forearm and he will be off legs for a week.

“But by this time next week he will be on a bike and raring to go, hopefully within 8-12 weeks.

“He’s been really good this season, played a dominant position back there and is certainly going to be missed for the period that he’s out.”


Key forward Riley Thilthorpe will take a step forward in his return from knee surgery by starting running this week.

“Riley will jump on the Alter-G treadmill this week which is a treadmill which takes a bit of weight off his body,” Burgess said.

“So that’s pleasing that he’s starting to run and then he will work through the progressions from there.

“He’s making great progress, he’s done everything that we’ve asked and he’s certainly put on some lean mass so people will be excited to see the shape that he comes back in.”

Injury list as of Tuesday, May 14:

Luke Pedlar (shoulder) 1-2 weeks

Nick Murray (knee) 2-3 weeks

Riley Thilthorpe (knee) 6-8 weeks

Josh Worrell (arm) 8-12 weeks

Wayne Milera (knee) season

Patrick Parnell (shoulder) season