Crows diehard Zac Frost has had some tough battles to overcome in his life so far.

The youngster was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just two years old and, since then, has undergone countless treatments. 

After his latest bout of surgery in April, Zac, now nine years old, was visited by two of his Crows heroes, Jake Soligo and Danielle Ponter, with the pair immediately putting a smile on the entire family’s face.

Now, two-and-a-half months later and thanks to the Crows Foundation, Zac will lead his idols onto Adelaide Oval ahead of the Crows’ Round 18 clash against St Kilda.

Speaking to AFC Media, Zac’s mother Julia Williams said it was set to be a moment which would signify how far he had come in his journey. 

“We were lucky enough to have Jake Soligo and Danielle Ponter come and visit Zac in the hospital earlier this year, courtesy of the Crows Foundation,” Williams said.

“That was just an absolutely amazing experience, and to have them follow it up by inviting us to the Club and having Zac run out with the team on Saturday night, we couldn’t thank them enough. 

“It had been a long journey, so for Jake and Danielle to come and personally visit us, it put the biggest smile on Zac’s face and helped get him through to the end of his treatment.”

Zac and his family were also given an opportunity this week to tour the Crows’ West Lakes headquarters and meet his favourite players before Saturday night’s game.

“It is just amazing, it’s something we never dreamt of and to see the smile on Zac’s face is just incredible,” Williams said.

“He has loved the Crows since he was about four years old, he knows all the players’ birthdays and just loves the Club.

“So for him to be able to meet his idols, interact with them and for the players to be so welcoming to him, it is truly wonderful.”

Williams said the family was excited to watch Zac run onto Adelaide Oval with his footballing heroes behind him. 

“It is a dream come true for us as a family, (running out with the team) is something Zac has wanted to do for such a long time,” Williams said.

“So for the Club to make this happen, we could not be more appreciative and it will be a very emotional experience for us watching him take the field with his idols. 

“Fingers crossed the boys can get the win, but either way this will be such an incredible night for us, and we can not thank the Crows Foundation enough.”

Adelaide takes on St Kilda at Adelaide Oval this Saturday at 7pm.