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SANFL: agreement details


Key points of the agreement for Adelaide to enter the SANFL league competition next year include:

  • The AFC will pay an annual licence fee of $400,000 ($50,000 per SANFL club) to be indexed;
  • The AFC support team will be branded the Adelaide Football Club, will wear an alternate Crows guernsey and will play all its games ‘away’;
  • The AFC to have the ability to attract sponsors for its SANFL team (no competing partners of the SANFL competition);
  • SANFL clubs can opt in/out of providing top up players to the AFC; and
  • The SANFL will conduct a 25-week season with 18 minor round matches, each club playing each other twice.


Listed players

  • All AFC listed players (including Rookie listed) to play with AFC support team should they not be in the Adelaide Crows team.

Top Up players – leadership player

  • AFC can contract one ‘leadership’ player per season.
  • 28 years and over, must have been on AFC AFL list.

Top Up players – other

  • SANFL Clubs can opt in / out of providing top up players to the AFC.
  • SANFL Clubs must make the decision on in /out by November 1st.
  • Should SANFL Clubs chose to opt in, they agree to always have a minimum of 2 players available for selection for the AFC.
  • These players will be:
    • 18 – 22 years old, on an SANFL Club list
    • Selected at start of pre-season in conjunction with SANFL Clubs
    • AFC and SANFL Clubs to review at conclusion of Rd 6 and Rd 12
    • Cannot play against the player’s home SANFL Club
    • Receive a match payment of $100
    • AFC to access further ‘top up’ players from community football. These players are not to have played at SANFL level for a minimum of 18 months and will receive $400 per match.
  • Top up player system to be reviewed annually.
  • Should the PAFC enter a team in the SANFL League Competition with the same on field regulations as the AFC, this would need to be reviewed.

SANFL League Finals qualification

  • No qualification criteria for AFL listed players during the SANFL finals series when the AFC is still involved at AFL level
  • Should the AFC not be involved at AFL level, a player must have played the majority of his football at SANFL level, or 3 of the last 5 games at SANFL level to qualify
  • AFC would not qualify for SANFL Finals prize money or appearance fees

Competition commitment

  • AFC to commit to ‘playing to the line’.
    • Will not rest players and take up elective surgery options
    • SANFL doctor to provide 2nd opinion on surgeries before end of season
    • Will commit in writing of these points, to be in Club and head coach charters.

Support Staff

  • AFC to commit to not recruiting support staff directly from SANFL Clubs.

Home Venue

  • AFC will not have a home venue; will play as away team throughout the minor round.


Commitment & Licence Fee

  • 15 year term, reviewed annually by the SANFL
  • 12 month notice period for SANFL & SANFL Clubs to terminate agreement
  • AFC to pay an annual licence fee – 50% on December 1st and 50% on June 1st to the SANFL for their involvement in the SANFL League Competition
  • In 2014, this fee is to be $400K ($50K per SANFL Club), with CPI increases for the 2015 and 2016 seasons
  • Licence fee to be reviewed at the end of the 2016 season, with CPI increases a minimum for subsequent seasons


  • AFC will not sell SANFL team membership.
  • AFC Members to have access to AFC support team matches
  • SANFL to explore joint membership options with AFL level AFC, including access to SANFL games

To be explored in good faith between SANFL Management, AFC and SANFL Club representatives.


  • AFC support team to be branded Adelaide Football Club
  • AFC support team not to wear Crows style home AFL guernsey in the SANFL but can wear a Crows alternate guernsey

Guernsey to be approved by the SANFL in line with existing regulations.


  • AFC to have the ability to attract sponsors for their SANFL team. (no competing partners of the SANFL Competition)

SANFL approval required.


  • AFC to generate interest in SANFL Competition and other SANFL Clubs through media activation, social media and website
  • AFC to assist SANFL in securing partners for commercial TV broadcast

Community Engagement

  • AFC to commit to working with SANFL Clubs (Should the SANFL Clubs opt in) in promoting pathways to AFL football
    • In lead up to SANFL games, AFC will help promote the game in tandem with the SANFL club within their promotional zone
    • AFC to provide a Home Match speaker (player/official) to the club that they are playing against in the SANFL competition


SANFL Fixture

  • Focussed on maximising attendances for SANFL teams
  • 25 week season from start to end; Start date to be set once AFL fixture is known
  • 18 minor round matches over 21 weeks
  • 1 bye for State Game
  • 2 split rounds (one of these to coincide with Foxtel Cup Grand Final)
  • 10 home matches per Club


Salary Cap

  • SANFL to confirm salary cap at existing levels for 2014

Magarey Medal

  • AFC players would be eligible to win the Magarey Medal

State representation

  • AFC players would not be eligible for State Game representation

Drafted player fees

  • SANFL to revisit drafted player fees to SANFL Clubs, to include payments for rookie listed players that remain in SA on either the AFC or PAFC lists
The views in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of the AFL or its clubs