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Rory Sloane Q&A recap

Rory Sloane took over the Club Facebook acccount for a Q&A session on Wednesday afternoon

Crows midfielder Rory Sloane hosted an impromptu Facebook Q&A session with fans on Wednesday afternoon.

Sloane answered a swag of questions ranging from football, teammates and even gave away a signed footy to the fan with his favourite question.

Read our recap of some of the best questions below, and don't forget to 'Like' the Crows on Facebook.

Tony Nitti: Hi Rory, I have a 16y/o nephew who is a pretty good football player. What advice can you give him in these next 2 very important years for him?
Rory Sloane: Train hard & practice on non-preferred foot. Good luck!

Kyall Strickland: Hi Rory, who has been your hardest match up this year and why?
Rory Sloane: From a team perspective, Sydney - so many good midfielders.

Leonie McPhillips Hi Rory, What is the one thing you most would like to achieve in your Football Career...and what is your most prized achievement to date, Many Thanks
Rory Sloane: Definitely winning a flag. Probably playing finals.

Paul Kudliman: How awesome has it been playing for the Adelaide Crows? And what is your favorite aspect of Adelaide (the city)?
Rory Sloane: Love the beaches, so many spots to explore, second valley/ yorkes.

Myles Alexander: Who is the most annoying bloke at the club and why?
Rory Sloane: Eddie Betts because he kicks goals from what used to be my pocket!

Theresa Gleeson: Hey Rory, How does it feel when you run out onto Adelaide Oval with the stadium packed and crowd cheering on home games?
Rory Sloane: It’s the best feeling ever, even better when we win there too.

Joshua Lyndon: Which players at other AFL clubs do you most like to watch play?
Rory Sloane: Dan Hannebery and Nick Riewoldt.

Chris Dawson: Who is a current crows rookie/unknown on our list you think could step up next year and improve the 21?
Rory Sloane: Reilly O’Brien.

Zac Albanese: What was your first job?
Rory Sloane: Tennis coach.

Lee Dunn: Who has the better hair you or Danger??
Rory Sloane: Pleassse, Danger’s hair isn't in my league.

Veronica Tuckwell Hi Rory, what career path would you have taken if you had not played football?
Rory Sloane: I thought about a trade, maybe carpentry.

Jess Williams: Are you actually Batman? ...Do you get sick of being called Batman?
Rory Sloane: I can’t answer that question #topsecret

Stewart Pratt: Rory, who is the funniest guy at the club? I would have thought Jaenschy?
Rory Sloane: Jaenschy thinks he’s funny but Matthew Wright has a very good sense of humour.

Cameron Treloar: HEY Batman!!! Glad you play for our great club, Just wondering who do you think is the best draft recruitment that you have played with?
Rory Sloane: Rory Laird off the rookie list was a great pick. Actually, both the Rorys!

Maylin Chhoy: who was your idol when growing up?
Rory Sloane: Robert Harvey.

Quoc Anh Do: Is there a conspiracy at Adelaide to hire everyone with the name Rory? Genetic testing has revealled Rory's are faster, stronger and have better agility but with unfortunate predisposition to jaw fractures....
Rory Sloane: It is something Ihave enforced over the last few years, as you can see. We should probably recruit more Rorys too.

Steve Williams: Does bravery and being a tough nut come naturally to you? Or are there times when you're just s*&%#g yourself...and you do the tough stuff anyway?
Rory Sloane: Good question. I think it's just how I've grown up playing.


Thanks everyone, Sloaney has gone off to training with sore fingers. Thanks for all the questions, too many for even Batman to get through!

Posted by Adelaide Football Club on Tuesday, August 18, 2015
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