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Why Betts' brother-in-law tattooed Eddie's face on his backside

Eddie's tattoo bet with brother-in-law Eddie spoke after the game about a cheeky tattoo bet he had prior to his 300th game with his brother-in-law
Eddie Betts with his brother-in-law Tom's new tattoo. Photo: @eddiebthe3rd / Instagram Stories

The celebration of Eddie Betts' 300th game has gotten a new cheeky chapter.

After Betts kicked six goals in his milestone match on Sunday, his brother-in-law has followed through on a bet to get the Crows star's face tattooed on his rear end.

Betts had made the bet with Tom, the brother of his wife, prior to the occasion.

"He said that if I kicked five goals, he'd get a tattoo. He hasn't got a tattoo but he'll get a tattoo of my face on his butt cheek ... I can't wait for that tattoo," Betts told Fox Footy.

Betts duly delivered, kicking half a dozen majors as Adelaide defeated Gold Coast by 73 points.

And, on Monday, Tom duly delivered as well. Betts posted on social media that he had gone to his nearest tattoo parlour to get his face inked onto his backside.

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"Don't make stupid bets," Tom said.

"I was talking to Ed all week about a form slump. Footy is a real mental game – turns out, if he puts his mind to it and gets a bit selfish, he can get it done.

"Nothing like 126,000 followers checking out my a**."

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