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SANFL Stats: Semi-final

SANFL SF: McAdam finishes silky play Shane McAdam finishes the work of Poholke and Matthews.

Patrick Wilson: 27 disposals, 12 marks, six tackles, four clearances, four inside 50s
Myles Poholke: 23 disposals, 10 marks, seven inside 50s, three clearances, three tackles, two goals
Lachlan Sholl: 22 disposals, five marks, four inside 50s, three rebound 50s
Jordon Boyle*: 22 disposals, nine marks, three tackles, three rebound 50s
Matthew Wright*: 19 disposals, six marks, four rebound 50s, two inside 50s
Tyson Stengle: 19 disposals, four marks, four tackles, four inside 50s, two goals
Andy Otten: 18 disposals, seven marks, five rebound 50s, five spoils
Jordon Butts: 17 disposals, four marks, three rebound 50s
Ned McHenry: 17 disposals, five tackles, four marks, two clearances, four goals
Darcy Fogarty: 17 disposals, six marks, four inside 50s, three clearances, one goal
Pierce Seymour*: 17 disposals, six rebound 50s, five marks, four spoils
Jordan Gallucci: 16 disposals, eight marks, six inside 50s, two clearances, one goal
Kieran Strachan: 15 disposals, 16 hit-outs, five marks, four clearances, one goal
Chayce Jones: 14 disposals, four clearances, four inside 50s, two tackles
Paul Hunter: 13 disposals, 12 hit-outs, four marks, three tackles, three clearances, one goal
James Mathews*: 13 disposals, six inside 50s, three marks, three clearances, four goals
Matthew Merrett*: 12 disposals, five marks, two rebound 50s
Shane McAdam: 12 disposals, eight marks, four inside 50s, three goals
Will Hamill: nine disposals, two marks, inside 50s
Jackson Press*: nine disposals, six marks, five inside 50s
Elliott Himmelberg: six disposals, three marks, two spoils, two goals

*Denotes SANFL-listed player