It’s a tough ask to get football lovers to pick their all-time favourite commentator, but several Crows players have revealed their number ones.

No surprises that Bruce McAvaney and Brian Taylor [BT] were the favourites, but they weren’t the only commentators to receive love from the players.

Of course, BT got a special mention from Jordan Gallucci for the time he called Myles Poholke ‘Dylan’ after his AFL debut:

And believe it or not, Poholke himself also picked BT as his favourite.

Even Mark Ricciuto got a vote, courtesy of Rory Atkins - surely for this beauty in Port Pirie:

Rory Sloane and Daniel Talia were both fans of James Brayshaw for his humor and ‘carry on’ (as Talia put it).

First-year Crow Kieran Strachan went for Australian cricket legend Richie Benaud, labelling the Aussie icon as the voice of summer.

And just in case you couldn’t be bothered doing the maths, we tallied up the votes and Bruce came out on top with 12 votes to BT’s 10.

Here are the choices:

Wayne Milera: Bruce M

Tyson Stengle: Brian Taylor, because he’s funny

Tom Doedee: Bruuuuuuce!

Sam Jacobs: Brian Taylor - love the theatre

Rory Sloane: JB [James Brayshaw], love his humour

Rory Laird: BT

Rory Atkins: Mark Ricciuto

Riley Knight: Bruce because he calls me Knight not Knights

Richard Douglas: BRUCE, such a great guy and knows how to call/compliment a big moment in a game

Reilly O’Brien: Anthony Hudson - the GOAT with so many historic calls

Paul Hunter: BT, so unique

Ned McHenry: BT. His roaming element is unique and engaging, I love that

Myles Poholke: BT, funny as

Matt Crouch: Bruce, love his passion

Lachlan Murphy: Bruce, don’t need to say why. He’s a legend

Kyle Hartigan: Howie [Mark Howard]

Kieran Strachan: Richie Benaud, you know it’s summer when you hear his voice

Jordon Butts: BT

Jordan Gallucci: BT, because he called Polks ‘Dylan’

Jake Kelly: Bruce, GOAT

Hugh Greenwood: Bruceeeeeee

David Mackay: Bruce because he does his research and he’s passionate

Darcy Fogarty: BT, loves it

Daniel Talia: JB, mayo and carry on is elite (The Rub Catch-Up)

Chayce Jones: BT because of his enthusiasm

Brodie Smith: Bruce

Brad Crouch: Bruce

Andy Otten: Bruce. He’s the voice of Australian sport

Andrew McPherson: Bruce - very knowledgeable

So, time to vote!