The Adelaide Football Club, in partnership with the Crows Children’s Foundation, would like to announce the appointment of the STEMfooty program manager, Katie Gloede.

Katie’s role is to manage the first stage of the 10-week pilot STEMfooty program for Year Seven students, beginning in Term Two this year. 

The program aims to work with over 40 Year Seven classes in its first year of operation.

Katie has over 13 years of experiences teaching primary and secondary students in state and international schools.

Also working at the University of South Australia, Katie works with pre and post service teachers in developing integrated unit development.  

Katie is currently completing her Doctor of Education at the University of South Australia, with a focus on developing students’ science, technology, engineering and mathematic skills while using sport as the vehicle. 

It doesn’t matter whether the students have physical ability or knowledge of the AFL, Katie said the program was exciting for any Year Seven student.

“It has been designed to create comfortable learning environments for students to make learning connections with STEM concepts and the ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) curriculum,” Katie said.

Crows Chief Operating Officer Nigel Smart said the appointment of a STEMFooty manager was a great step forward for all middle school students across Australia.

“Using the sport of AFL to build future improvements in student STEM behavioral and attitudinal change is fundamental to building a future STEM related workforce,” Smart said.

For more information and to register your schools interest please visit the STEMfooty website.