The AFL has clarified the decision to re-record the majority of club theme songs, with the League placing an emphasis on improving the sound quality of songs following an approach from clubs.

The new songs provide similar recordings to the existing versions, with slight changes to some lyrics and musical soundtracks.

AFL general manager of clubs Travis Auld said all clubs were offered the opportunity to alter their songs.

Fremantle, Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney's club songs were not re-recorded. 

"The AFL was approached by a number of clubs to provide minor updates to their songs," Auld said in a statement to SEN. 

"In doing so, we offered all the clubs the ability to have a new recording, to offer stronger digital sound quality. A number of the club songs are old recordings of diminishing quality. Minor lyric changes were only made following requests from respective football clubs." 

The new recordings will be played at AFL stadiums this season.