The SANFL competition will have a four-player interchange bench in the 2020 season, jumping from the three-player bench that has been in the competition since 1995.

An interchange rotation cap of 75 has also been introduced, with the League increasing it from 60 in 2019.

Each team will now have a match day squad of 22 players, just like the AFL, VFL and WAFL competitions.

SANFL Football Operations Manager Tom Hurley said the changes would reduce the impact of injury on the outcome of games while allowing more of South Australia's best talent to be exposed at League level.

“This amendment creates alignment with all other state league competitions plus the AFL and provide an additional opportunity for a player at League and Reserves level each week,” Hurley said.

“It [also] minimises the influence of injury or injuries, particularly those incurred earlier in the match.”

Two other rule changes were adopted from the AFL competition:

The ‘third man up’ rule in ruck contests will be introduced, with only one player from each team competing at each stoppage.

A warning will now also be given to teams who don’t line up in the 6-6-6 stating positions, before a punishment of a free kick and 50m penalty.

Other rules specific to the SANFL, such as the last disposal out of bounds rule, will remain.

Changes to the 2020 SANFL season rules:

  •         Interchange bench increased to host four players
  •         Interchange rotation cap increased to 75
  •         ‘Third man up’ rule at stoppages introduced
  •         A warning for a 6-6-6 starting position indiscretion before penalties