Crows National Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie gave AFC Media a run-down on the players selected during night two of the 2019 AFL Draft in Melbourne.

Pick No.24 - Harry Schoenberg

To get South Australia’s best midfielder, who’s a ripping lad, our supporters are going to love Harry (Schoenberg). We love him. He’s a really good style of country kid. 

Pick No.28 - Josh Worrell

He’s just so versatile. He’s a fantastic athlete and well performed for Vic Metro and he’s a really great mate of Fischer’s, so to bring those two boys in again, together, that’s a big win for us.

Pick No.42 - Ronin O’Connor

Ronin was captain of Claremont’s premiership team, he played in the midfield for Western Australia at the Nationals. He’s a natural midfielder, that’s his position. His midfield craft is really good. Taller mids is something we needed to address, and we’ve been able to do that. 

Pick No.48 - Lachlan Gollant

Lachie’s probably a bit of a smoky, because not many people would know him, but that’s okay. We knew him pretty well. He’s played on the wing for Calder. We just forecast if he played again for Calder as a 19-year-old next year, he could’ve been anything, so we’re happy to bite him off and take him now.