Adelaide Football Club Chairman Rob Chapman pens a tribute to much-loved and respected board member Bob Foord, who passed away this week …

The Bob Foord who I worked with and watched the footy alongside each week was a gem.

He was a person you just wanted to be around. He was passionate about life in general including football, business and especially family – his wife Sheryn, five daughters and grandchildren.

The girls often joined us to watch the Crows and in recent years at Adelaide Oval, there were plenty of smiles all round. Bob was very proud of his family and very proud of his Club.

Bob had a passion for sales and marketing and built an incredibly successful career around his principles.

He worked closely with the team here at the Crows and given his involvement, it is hardly surprising that we have achieved success in all the areas in which he was passionate.

Bob was popular with his colleagues, staff, coaches and players, and was always willing to assist.

He constantly went above and beyond.

An active participant around our Board table, Bob became known for his favourite question of management, coach or list manager, ‘Out of 10, what is the likelihood of … ?’

The question was applied to many and varied topics and became synonymous with Bob and everyone thought very carefully before giving an answer because he never forgot, and would hold you to account!

Bob and Sheryn sat directly behind my wife Lisa and I at the footy. I could usually hear only one voice bellowing in my ear! We would debrief at each break like a couple of experts!

Win, lose or draw he would always join the rest of us in the change rooms where he would drape an arm around one of his boys to either console or celebrate.

Death is indiscriminate but it seems often to take the good ones too early.

Our sincere condolences to Sheryn, their beautiful children and grandchildren.

We will never forget Bob and will always be grateful for the contribution he made to this Club and of course for his incredible legacy to our State more broadly.