Crows forward Chloe Scheer was reunited with a past coach this week when former Australian cricketer Shelley Nitschke visited two AFLW training sessions.

Now the assistant coach of the Australian Women’s Cricket Team, Nitschke wanted to see how another professional female sports team operated ahead of the Twenty20 World Cup campaign next year.

She also took the chance to catch up with Scheer, who she coached in a previous role at the South Australian Cricket Association while Scheer was in the Under 18 program.

Nitschke said the talented Scheer could have done just as well in cricket as she has in football.

“She’s a good cricketer and had a promising future, she’s a talented athlete obviously,” Nitschke said.

“But she’s going really well in footy and enjoying it, and that’s good to see when they make that decision.”

Scheer isn’t the only AFLW player Nitschke has seen on the cricket field, having previously played with Sophie Li at Sturt and against Dayna Cox in underage competitions.






She watched them train in order to observe how the coaches go about it and how they structure a training.

“We want to see if there is anything we can take away from it to implement into our sport to make it better,” Nitschke said.

“It’s just about getting out and seeing another sport, because we get caught up in our own world and bubble.”

Nitschke said the efficiency and high quality of the AFLW training was something that stood out to her.

“The sessions I saw were really high energy and they flowed really well, the girls were up and about and knew exactly what they had to be doing,” she said.

“I think sometimes our sessions aren’t so upbeat and that might be the nature of the sport, but I thought that was really impressive.

“It was short, sharp, get in and get out, they weren’t wasting their time and it was real high quality too.”

The Women’s Twenty20 World Cup gets underway on February 21, two weeks after the AFLW season kicks off on February 8.