Adelaide is likely to appoint a sole captain next season following the co-captaincy of Taylor Walker and Rory Sloane in 2019, chief executive Andrew Fagan has revealed.

At a press conference at Adelaide Oval on Wednesday, Fagan discussed the Club’s potential move to North Adelaide alongside the future appointments of a Head of Football and the 2020 captain.

Fagan said a decision on the Club’s captain would not be made until 2020.

“It’s not something we’ve openly discussed, but I expect that to be the case… it will be a single captain,” Fagan said.

“He (Crows coach Matthew Nicks) has already spoken highly about Rory Sloane and what he brings… and he’s equally getting to know some of the other players within the Club who show significant leadership potential.

“I wouldn’t expect a decision before the new year.”

Fagan also revealed the Club was “really close” to appointing a new Head of Football and Head of Leadership and Culture.

“We haven’t felt like we’ve needed to rush… (we) wanted to give Matthew Nicks time to settle into his role,” Fagan said.

“It’s given us a chance to speak to a lot of people in the industry, to potential candidates.

“It’s been an exhaustive process and we’re very much at the pointy end.

“I expect a decision before Christmas.”