Adelaide’s 1997 Grand Final winners made a pact ahead of the 1998 season - win it for the teammates who just missed out.

Speaking on Adelaide radio on Monday, two-time Premiership winner Ben Hart revealed the drive behind the Crows’ back-to-back wins.

“To be able to back it up in 1998 was an unbelievable feeling for the guys who missed it at the start,” Hart said.

“(Players like) Mark Ricciuto were an integral part of 1997 but were unable to take the field to secure the premiership.

“It was a pact, if we could make finals, the rest we could look after when we got there… that was the idea behind it.” 

Unfortunately, there was one Crow who missed both - gun forward Tony Modra.

After winning the 1997 Coleman Medal, Modra was forced to watch the Grand Final from the stands due to a torn ACL. 

“It was shattering, doing your knee in that fashion...,” Hart said. 

“I don’t think he was in great form and that’s when Blighty started moving around a bit.

“He was one of the guys we wanted to win another one for.

“You just have to keep going, as sad as it is… we had to fight on." 

When asked which of the Premierships he valued more, Hart was unable to answer.

“You can’t split them,” he said.

“Being involved in the first will always be special, but having said that to be able to back it up was unbelievable.”

Hart also revealed how post-1997 celebrations led teammate Darren Jarman to miss the Grand Final parade.