Adelaide head of football Adam Kelly has confirmed that the Club will form part of Amazon’s new AFL documentary.

Kelly told Adelaide Radio on Monday that crews have already started filming content for the online shopping giant’s Prime video service.

“We put our hand up, it was an opportunity for the Club to bring members and fans closer,” Kelly said.

“Sports documentaries have grown in popularity… people can see how it works, understand the characters in the Club.

“I’m sure our members and fans will enjoy watching the series when it’s released.”

Adelaide’s players will return to training at the club today in groups no larger than 10 and with no contact.

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60 Seconds with Brodie Smith

Thanks to Toyota, Brodie Smith answers some rapid-fire questions about his teammates.

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 Players quarantining in the Barossa will return tomorrow ahead of the Crows relocating to the Gold Coast on Sunday.

“We’re certainly excited that footy is back,” Kelly said.

“It will present a challenge to have guys match ready for the start, but we understand that’s what’s required.

“The players have put in the work (during the suspended period).”

GOLD COAST: Adelaide bound for Queensland ahead of AFL restart

Adelaide will likely face other Queensland-based teams in the opening weeks of the fixture, however Kelly was hopeful that would not include the Showdown.

“That would be the ideal scenario, if you could get that Showdown played in the latter half of the year and when/if crowds are back,” he said.

“I think the noise is the Showdown and Derby games would be preference to play back in their home states.

“We know the way the season starts will not be the way it ends.”