Adelaide and Port Adelaide could play a block of four to six games in South Australia later this season, AFL fixture boss Travis Auld has said.

On Tuesday morning, Auld told Melbourne radio all scenarios were being investigated as the competition looks to maintain flexibility.

"Over the last few months I think we've pretty much modelled every scenario you can think about," Auld said.

"The key reason we released a four-week fixture is just so we can work through any changes that occur in each of the states.

"The next one will be how do we get South Australian and Western Australian teams back home, so they're not away from their families for an unreasonable period of time.

 "That may involve rotating teams through those two states, depending if the regulations allow us to do that."

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Contact training resumes

Monday marked the start of contact training leading into a Round Two Showdown

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Auld maintained that the health of the broader community would take precedence over any AFL fixture plan.

Thursday night games are also expected to play a larger part of the 2020 fixture, particularly if fans can not attend matches.

"We haven't historically had Thursday nights each week, just because we're mindful of families being able to get to games,” Auld said. 

"We had eight or nine in the original fixture this year – working around school holidays and weather and the like – (but) given, unfortunately, at the moment that's not a constraint, then there is the opportunity to roll Thursdays through. 

"You'll see in the first four-week block we just released that we have really strong Thursday-Friday nights that will hopefully build momentum into the season but also into each round."  

Adelaide will face Port Adelaide in Round Two at Adelaide Oval on Saturday, June 13.