They say one good deed deserves another, and Crows coach Brenton Sanderson was on the end of some good karma on Sunday evening after a kind act earlier in the day.

Remember Dorothy Harris? The 100-year-old Crows member, who met Sando and the team during a visit to West Lakes as part of her milestone celebrations a few weeks ago.

Well, Dorothy had another – this time unexpected – brush with Sando on Sunday. Driving to AAMI Stadium for Adelaide’s clash with Geelong on Sunday afternoon, Sando spotted Dorothy sitting at a Henley Beach bus stop.

Dorothy, who still attends most Crows games, frequently rejects offers of lifts to AAMI Stadium from her family and friends, preferring to follow her usual routine of catching one or sometimes two buses to see her beloved Crows play. But the avid Adelaide fan received an offer she couldn’t refuse when the coach pulled over and asked if she wanted a ride to the game on Sunday.

“I was driving through Henley Beach and I spotted a lady wearing Crows gear sitting at a bus stop. I thought it was Dorothy, so I asked if she wanted a lift rather than wait in the cold,” Sanderson said.

“We had a nice chat on the way to the game.”

Whether it was Dorothy’s pre-match advice, Sando’s good karma or something else, the football Gods smiled on Adelaide late in the match against Geelong, as the Cats squandered two opportunities to steal victory in the dying minute.

Dorothy found her own way home – but it would’ve been a good bus ride after seeing her beloved Crows hang on for a thrilling two-point win.

Dorothy Harris in the passenger seat on the way to Sunday's game at AAMI Stadium