The STEMfooty program continues to gain momentum, with the appointment of four members to its inaugural Advisory Board. 

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Football (STEMfooty) Industry and Education Advisory Group will advise and support the Adelaide Football Club and Crows Children Foundation to develop a strong STEM program in support of the community.

The members are made up of leaders from academia, education and industry, and their role is to provide strategic advice, guidance and feedback on the implementation of the STEMfooty program.

The Advisory Group will be led by Niall Fay, who will be the inaugural Chair.

 “The Advisory Group is delighted to be supporting such a wonderful and unique Crows initiative,” said Fay.

“We look forward to lending our collective expertise and understanding of STEM education in ensuring this program makes meaningful contributions to the education of hundreds of kids.

“This program has the potential to not only use the reach the Adelaide Crows brand generally, but capitalise on the growing interest in AFLW and the Club’s strong connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities in reaching what are traditionally underrepresented groups within the STEM workforce.”

Advisory Group

Niall Fay (Chair) – Chief Operation Officer, Data to Decisions CRC

  • 17 years working in National Security and R & D Sector 
  • Business Executive
  • STEMfooty Program Co-founder

Kate Dilger – Executive Officer, South Australian Teachers Association

  • Involved science education for more than 30 years.
  • Schools Science Educator of the Year, 2010
  • Educational consultant; providing teacher professional learning and resources for the Australian Curriculum: Science F-12

Dr Jillian Kenny – Founder, Machinam and Power of Engineering

  • Superstar of STEM Ambassador
  • STEM education entrepreneur with 8 years experience
  • PhD in Innovation 

Dino Rossi – Technologist and Industry Consultant, Dinocrossi & Associates

  • 25+ years in the IT Industry
  • Member - SA Government Training & Skills Commission
  • Chair – SA Government Industry Skills Council
  • Chair - University of South Australia – ITSM School Advisory Board and Lecturer
  • Member – SA Government Dept. for Education Industry Advisory Board
  • Deputy Chair – AIIA SA Digital Skills Education SiG

Katie Gloede – STEMfooty Program Manager, Adelaide Football Club

  • University of South Australia – Lecturer
  • Doctor of Education Candidate
  • Involved in education for 15 years (Reception to Year 12 students)
  • STEMfooty Program Co-founder 

Nigel Smart – Chief Operating Officer, Adelaide Football Club

  • AFC Project lead for STEMFooty
  • AFC Executive Member
  • AFC Past Board, Player and Life Member
  • Director, Crows Children’s Foundation