Crows assistant coach Ben Hart has spoken for the first time since returning from a six-week stand down for breaching AFL Covid-19 training protocols in May.

Hart re-stated his gratitude that the 16 Crows players in attendance at a quarantine hub in the Barossa Valley and the football club weren’t sanctioned by the League.

“The situation that clearly occurred in the Barossa was an error and I was glad that the players and the club itself didn’t get sanctioned,” Hart told AFC Media.

“It was one they came down pretty hard on and I accepted and had to take it, but I’m really, really happy that the club and the players didn’t cop a whack.

“You know, I’ll wear that one for an error that I made but yeah, the fans and that have been great...”

Watch Hart's interview:

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Ben Hart returns to the coaches' box

Crows Assistant Coach Ben Hart speaks to AFC Media about returning to the club following the Barossa training breach in May.

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