Matthew Nicks has provided a behind-the-scenes look at how Adelaide’s coaches select the team each week.

On The Optus Crows Show, Nicks details the open forum used once a week to select Adelaide’s best fitting 22 for the upcoming round.

“What we’re looking for (in the room) is representation from our development coaches in terms of how our young players are going,” Nicks said.

“Most of our coaches get out to those games as well.

“It’s coming together with a decision there in terms of who’s putting their hand up and who deserves to play at a higher level.”

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Nicks said having an open discussion where “no idea was wrong” was crucial to a successful selection process.

“Throw up how you feel, how you feel the group is going… it’s all about making us better,” Nicks said.

“Some of that (the decisions) aren’t just on form, some of it is the balance of the side, if we’re looking for more run from half-back, how do we create that?

“We’re spending a fair bit of time looking at how much balance we have in our group, both in terms of experience and youth, and in terms of run versus contest.

“It’s also important to know what the opposition are bringing and what their weapons are, making sure we’ve got answers for those.”

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