Adelaide veteran David Mackay will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee bursa this week and is expected to be fully fit for day one of pre-season training in January. 

Mackay had his knee drained at the beginning of November, however further treatment is now being sought to combat persistent swelling.

Crows Chief Medical Officer Marc Cesana said Mackay would likely make a full recovery in four-to-five weeks.

“David and I had a good chat on the weekend and decided with a small window of opportunity before pre-season starts that it was worth exploring options,” Cesana said.

“We felt a more minimalist procedure could be performed with an arthroscopy to release the top of the bursa and allow it to drain.

“Based on the nature of the procedure, he should be able to get on the bike quite quickly and start running after two weeks.”

All Crows players will return to pre-season training on January 6, while first - fourth year players will complete a two-week block between December 7 - 18.