Adelaide is known for its dedicated supporters, but one family’s Crows commitment is literally out-of-this-world. 

NASA astronaut Shannon Walker - wife of Adelaide’s own spacewalker Andy Thomas - departed for the International Space Station in November and asked a family friend what she should take on her latest mission. 

Max Perin, 12, had just the idea. 

“She asked if we wanted to send something up to space on her next trip that was important to our family,” Max’s mother Gia said. 

“It had to be something light that could be folded.

“The kids are die-hard supporters - so the jumper was a perfect fit.”

The navy, red and gold guernsey blasted through the atmosphere and is now enjoying its new home on the International Space Station. 

Perin said Isabella, 17, Ava, 14, and Max are over the moon to see their beloved Club’s colours high in the sky.

How’s that for flying as one?