The SANFL Crows side for its must-win semi-final against Norwood on Sunday afternoon has been locked in.

AFL-listed talls Paul Hunter, Kieran Strachan and Jordon Butts are the three inclusions to the team.

Development squad members Jackson Press, Corey Davey (both omitted) and Lachie Ryan (hamstring) are the outs from the qualifying final.

Press, Mitch Johnson and Jy Farrar are the emergencies.

Norwood have made a late change, with former Crow Lewis Johnston out with injury.

The match at Adelaide Oval starts at 12.15pm and will be broadcast live on Channel 7 Adelaide from 12pm.

The team is:

B: 38. Lachlan Sholl, 22. Andy Otten, 69. Matt Merrett
HB: 35. Will Hamill, 41. Jordon Butts, 10. Myles Poholke
C: 25. Ned McHenry, 7. Jordan Gallucci, 62. Tom Hutchesson 
HF: 19. Matthew Wright, 34. Elliott Himmelberg, 17. Tyson Stengle
F:  23. Shane McAdam, 32. Darcy Fogarty, 37. Paul Hunter
FOL: 45. Kieran Strachan, 31. Patrick Wilson, 20. Chayce Jones 
INT: 49. James Mathews, 58. Jordon Boyle, 73. Pierce Seymour

In: Butts, Hunter, Strachan 
Out: Davey, Press, Ryan