As a teenager, Adam Scott would spend his days on the golf course and his nights in front of the TV hoping to catch the Crows in action.

Born in Adelaide, he spent the early part of his childhood going to Norwood games with his dad before the family moved to Queensland when he was eight.

Three years later when Adelaide entered the competition, Scott became an instant Crows supporter and soon after a Tony Modra fan.

“I started barracking for the Crows in the early 90s, we had moved up to Queensland in 1988 and a few years later when the Crows came into the competition we started barracking for them as an Adelaide connection,” Scott said.

“My earliest memories are just scraps actually, we used to watch the replays, I guess footy coverage on TV wasn’t like it is these days.

“We were always either playing golf or my dad was working at the golf club on the weekends, so we used to watch the replays on a Saturday or Sunday night and I’d see the Crows games, and I just seem to remember the earlier years when we weren’t doing so well, Graham Cornes was coach, and we’d sit around and watch the games. 

“I think I have to say Modra is my favourite Crow of all time, when you’re a kid and you’re watching people take screamers like he did, that’s what you wanted to be, you wanted to go and kick the footy yourself and take a couple of screamers.”

The first and only Australian to win the US Masters, Scott says Adelaide’s back-to-back premierships in 1997 and 1998 are his favourite footy moments.

 “A long time ago now but the comebacks – we seem to come back from losing positions and to have all that joy – it’s interesting when your team wins the joy that brings and you feel so good. It’s like when I win a golf tournament people say they are so happy to see someone else do well, it’s the same thing really.

 “The premierships, forget the heartaches, just think about the wins.”

While travelling the world on the professional golfing circuit, the Crows ambassador still keeps tabs on how the team is tracking.

“When I’m away it’s easy to follow the games with the internet and the AFL app, occasionally in America there is some live AFL football I can see or sometimes I can sit and watch a game on the computers, but I watch the scores and the ladder every week to see how we’re going,” he said.

“My kids haven’t spent enough time in Australia to understand what AFL footy is and we’re never here for the winter seasons, so they don’t know a lot about it, but hopefully I can change that in years ahead and maybe if we move back to Australia that will be something different for them to look forward to.”

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