Adelaide forward Taylor Walker has shed light on some of his teammates’ intellectual hub ventures, but says he’s more of a TV man. 

Walker, who booted four goals in Adelaide’s 19-point win over Hawthorn on Saturday, revealed some Crows’ surprising hobbies. 

“I jumped in the lift with (Reilly O’Brien) the other day and he had a massive book… I asked, ‘What have you been doing’ and he said, ‘Bit of reading, bit of studying’,” Walker told Triple M’s Roo & Ditts. 

“He’s studying neuroscience or something like that, I can’t even spell that.”

A tongue-in-cheek Walker said a few Crows - including O’Brien, who is studying biomedicine - had started a book club. 

“The only reason I’d be part of a book club is if it’s only got pictures,” Walker joked. 

Instead of book club, Walker revealed he and midfielder Paul Seedsman passed the time with a few practical jokes. 

When asked whether there was truth to stories the duo “asked the Covid marshal really annoying questions,” Walker replied: “I had a couple of winners on the weekend that’s for sure.”

Walker said he’d also been binging TV shows instead while in Melbourne. 

“I’ve been watching a show called Ted Lasso - how good is it,” he said. 

“It’s about a lady and they split up and her whole idea is to take this soccer team down so she brings this American in and he runs it too well.

“Second series has just come out, so I’m onto that at the moment.”

Jokes and shows aside, Walker said the biggest challenge of hub life was being away from family. 

The veteran left behind wife Ellie and sons Hugo and Louis in Adelaide. 

“I’m missing them a lot. Hopefully with the new rules and everything going into Stage 4 (restrictions) we might be able to get back sooner rather than later,” Walker said. 

“We Facetime a bit. (Hugo) is still one word… he’s probably got a better vocabulary than me."