Love a good comedy binge? More of a drama fan? Start watching one episode then next minute you’ve finished the season? Turns out, so do the Crows players. 

The boys have revealed the TV shows they’ve most recently binge-watched, with an impressive mix of old and new. 

So if you’re looking for your next TV binge, look no further. 

The TV shows most recently binge-watched by the Crows: 

Paul Seedsman - Yellowstone

Ronin O’Connor - Entourage

Chayce Jones - Brooklyn 99

Will Hamill - Regular Show

Brodie Smith - Vikings

Lachlan Gollant - Entourage

Jordon Butts - Regular Show

Lachlan Murphy - The Office

Sam Berry - Vikings

Ben Keays - Euphoria

Rory Laird - Westworld

Nick Murray - Gangs of London

James Rowe - The Inbetweeners

Shane McAdam - Shameless

Josh Worrell - Prison Break

Luke Brown - Vikings

Kieran Strachan - Breaking Bad

Tom Doedee - The Office

Rory Sloane - Brooklyn 99

Lachlan Sholl - Breaking Bad and All American

James Borlase - Arrow

Luke Pedlar - Outer Banks

Riley Thilthorpe - The Night Stalker

Wayne Milera - The Judge

Andrew McPherson - Seinfeld

Mitch Hinge - The Office

Harry Schoenberg - All American

Fischer McAsey - Queen’s Gambit