Chris Dittmar has accused Crows winger Paul Seedsman of pulling a practical joke on him involving puppies and Gumtree.

Seedsman spoke on Triple M’s Roo & Ditts on Tuesday and was put on the ‘lie detector’ as Ditts quizzed the 29-year-old about whether he had played a part in a prank.

Ditts said he had reason to believe Seedsman put an ad on Gumtree saying Ditts was selling puppies and included his phone number on it.

“I’ve been wanting to get to the bottom of this for a while, Roo,” Ditts said.

“But you might remember a couple of years ago I was woken day and night by women all over Australia ringing me to buy pups, I had put pups online and on Gumtree but I didn’t have any puppies, did I?

“My phone number went out nationwide and my phone rang off the hook.

“I’m actually led to believe that... it might’ve been Paul Seedsman.

“Now Paul you are on the lie detector here, were you responsible for that immature, childish prank?”

Unfortunately, Seedsman could neither confirm nor deny his involvement.

“I can’t actually remember,” Seedsman said, with a laugh.

The experienced midfielder was one of the shining light’s in Adelaide’s loss to Melbourne, collecting 36 touches (20 kicks) at 77% efficiency, along with 749 metres gained.

He put his consistent form this campaign down to hard work during the off-season.

“A bit of continuity and being able to put together a good pre-season, I didn’t miss a beat there,” Seedsman said.

“(For) the first time I’ve been able to play all games to date and hopefully play this week and then invest a bit of time into the mental space over the off-season.”