Adelaide has bolstered its draft hand by securing a second first-round selection in 2022 via a four-way trade on Wednesday.

The Crows will receive Melbourne’s Round 1 selection next year as well as Picks 33 and 75 in this year’s draft as part of a pick swap also involving St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs.

In exchange Adelaide has given up Picks 23, 37, 44, 62 and 66 in this year’s draft as well as its Round 4 selection next year.

It means the Crows’ 2021 national draft hand is now Picks 4, 33 and 75.

Looking ahead to next year, the Club will have two first-round selections, as well as picks in the second and third rounds.

As part of the four-way trade, Melbourne receives Picks 17, 37 and 49 in exchange for Picks 33, 45 and their future first-round selection.

The Western Bulldogs receive Picks 23, 44 and 45 in exchange for Picks 17 and 75.

St Kilda receives Picks 62 and 66 and Adelaide’s future fourth-round selection, in exchange for Pick 49.