Adelaide defender Andrew McPherson says he’s always looking for ways to improve and take his game to another level.

McPherson, who is entering his fifth season at the Crows, says his aim is to become one of the AFL’s top small defenders.

One senior player has been working closely with the 22-year-old to help him develop his craft.

“I’ve been doing a fair bit of work with Luke Brown who is obviously one of the best in the game with the defensive side,” McPherson said. 

“Hopefully that comes through in the pre-season and then I'll keep getting involved wherever I can.”

McPherson had also been expanding his repertoire in pre-season 2022, spending time training in different positions. 

“I am always trying to add new strings to my bow,” McPherson said.

“I have been working a little bit with the wingers, I’ve been doing plenty with the backs.”

“I am always trying to add new strings to my bow.

As well as leaning on Brown, McPherson said the young, talented small forwards at the Crows were also driving his improvement. 

“A lot of the guys are striving for spots at the top level… we’ll just keep pushing each other to try and improve, improve as individuals and improve as a team,” McPherson said.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good small forward brigade at the moment.

“(There’s) Shane (McAdam) and Josh Rachele is flying at the moment, so it’s been great to test myself against him.

“James Rowe, Ned McHenry - it’s a really good spot that we are in with all those guys firing and it’s definitely a test for us defenders.”