Crows forward Tom Lynch will miss Adelaide’s clash with the Gold Coast on Saturday night.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, coach Don Pyke ruled Lynch out.

"Tom unfortunately is not going to be available," Pyke said.

"That calf, he's got a bit more tendon involvement in there.

"He had the calf strain that settled really quickly but then as they started reloading that up, the tendon has caused more issues.

"He may travel (to the Gold Coast) to continue his rehab, but he won't be playing."

Crows Science and Medical Services Coordinator Steve Saunders said Lynch would continue to train at a high level with the group, be assessed on a weekly basis and is likely to return in the next two weeks.

“Tom injured the intramuscular tendon of his left calf 30 days ago. Having made good early progressions in strength and function, Tom has been close to meeting all return to play test requirements for the last two weeks," Saunders said.

"However, this type of tendon injury can take between three and nine weeks to resolve, with the mean time of return to play being 42 days.

"So, although he is currently functioning at a high level, these tendon injuries require a cautious approach and while ballistic, high-end movements are not 100 per cent we will refrain from returning Tom to play."

Saunders said the last couple of weeks had been a frustrating period for Lynch.

"For Tom, feeling so close to returning to play and not getting there is never easy," Saunders said.

"We are expecting he will be ready to return in the next couple of weeks.

"Fortunately, the training loads Tom is currently completing will see him well placed to return to football when this intramuscular tendon is ready."