Adelaide Captain Jordan Dawson has described Gather Round as the perfect way to showcase what SA has to offer.

“I love it (Gather Round),” Dawson said on Wednesday. 

“To have 18 clubs in the one town and just all the fans in the city, it was really special to see (last year).

“I think speaking to other players from other teams, they really loved it and the fans loved it, so it’s really important to showcase SA and great parts about it.”

Adelaide will look to bounce back from a disappointing start to the season with a win against the Demons on Thursday night. 

“We’ve been trying to remain really positive within the group and focus on what we can control,” Dawson said, regarding the team’s start to 2024.

“For us we are trying to pinpoint some issues that we are having and I feel like we have been able to do that this week.

“The key thing for us is to stay positive as a group, review what we have to do, individually and as a team, then work on it from there and try to implement that tomorrow night.

“Obviously it would be nice to get a win this week (and) I think everyone is really clear on their roles now and we’ve just got to implement those roles and be better as a team.”

Dawson said a focus for the week was getting the on-field structure right, which would help with tidying up players’ skills.

“Our shape has been very random at times… when we were so predictable last year it was because we knew exactly where everyone was on the field and we haven’t really had that the past couple of weeks,” Dawson said.

“What we’ve been known for as a group has been our real grit and our intent…we never want to lose sight of what gets us there and what we are as a group.

“That’s something we’ve spoken about and something we want to be known for and the polish comes off the back of that.

“I feel really confident from our review and what we got out of it… “As a whole group we’ve been really consistent with what we know we need to get better at and we know we need to be better in different areas.”

Adelaide plays Melbourne at Adelaide Oval on Thursday at 7.10pm.

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