Few moments can be more daunting for a rookie player than having the head coach meet your family.

For first-year Crow Kieran Strachan, he decided it would be best to experience the moment more than once.

Speaking on The More You Crow podcast, Strachan revealed how he introduced his parents to coach Don Pyke “about five times” after suffering a concussion in Round One against Sturt.

“I was like the fish from Finding Nemo… Dory,” Strachan told The More Your Crow.

“I introduced them and they said hi and all that… Pykey was really good, showing Mum that everyone over here is caring and all that.

“Five minutes later, went down in the room, came back up and Pykey is there again - ‘Hey Mum, this is Pykey’... and they introduced themselves again.

“Then, at the end of the game, I was getting my footy bag to go home and ‘yeah, Dad, meet Pykey’.”

Also on The More Your Crow this week, Lachie Sholl discusses the complexities of ironing a shirt, Strachan talks his first year as a Crow and the pair both fall victim to Tom Doedee’s cliche buzzer.

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Time guide:

1.06 - The cliche buzzer

1.30 - Who’s had the best year?

2.50 - Strachan’s time in the ruck

3.50 - Sholl on defending

5.15 - Best moments of the year

7.05 - Pykey meeting the family… three or four times

8.00 - Sholl and his different nicknames

10.09 - The most interesting part about Adelaide life

10.50 - The cliche buzzer goes off for Sholl

11.45 - Strachan adopts Jordan Gallucci

12.56 - Your words, not mine

15.48 - Things to improve on before next year

18.20 - Cliche buzzer goes off for Strachan