Adelaide’s Rory Sloane polled the fourth highest votes in a Brownlow Medal count dominated by former teammate Patrick Dangerfield.

Dangerfield polled a record 35 votes to win the 2016 Medal from Sydney Swans midfielder Luke Parker (26) and Richmond’s Dustin Martin (25), breaking away in the last two rounds.

Sloane, ineligible to win after being suspended in round 22, polled 24 votes.

The 2016 Crows Club Champion was rated best afield in five games, polled two votes on four occasions and also picked up a single vote.

Adelaide’s next best was defender Rory Laird, who finished on 11 votes. Eddie Betts, who during the event was revealed as the winner of the 2016 Goal of the Year, received 10 votes in seven games.

Dangerfield, who played 154 games for Adelaide before returning home to play for Geelong at the end of last season, polled in 15 games to set a new mark and matched the record nine best on grounds set by 1994 winner Greg Williams in 1994 and equalled by Fremantle’s Nat Fyfe last year.

Brownlow Medal top 10
35 - Patrick Dangerfield (Geel)
26 - Luke Parker (Syd)
25 - Dustin Martin (Rich)
24* - Rory Sloane (Adel)
21 - Andrew Gaff (WCE)
21 - Dan Hannebery (Syd)
21 - Adam Treloar (Coll)
20 - Marcus Bontempelli (WB)
20 - Lachie Neale (Frem)
19 - Robbie Gray (PA)
19 - Zach Merrett (Ess)
19 - Nick Riewoldt (StK)

Every Crows game:

R1 v Kangaroos: J Waite (NM) 1; J. Jenkins (Ade) 2; T. Goldstein (NM) 3

R2 v Port: R. Gray (PA) 1; E. Betts (Ade) 2; T. Lynch (Ade) 3

R3 v Richmond: T Cotchin (Rich) 1; B. Smith (Ade) 2; S. Thompson (Ade) 3

R4 v Sydney: R. Atkins (Ade) 1; R. Sloane (Ade) 2; D. Hanneberry (Syd) 3

R5 v Hawthorn: C. Rioli (Haw) 1; S. Thompson (Ade) 2; P. Puopolo (Haw) 3  

R6 v Fremantle: E. Betts (Ade) 1: M. Walters (Fre) 2; R. Sloane (Ade) 3

R7 v Western Bulldogs: J. Stringer (WB) 1; M. Bontempelli (WB) 2; J. Jenkins (Ade) 3

R8 v Geelong: S. Motlop (Geel) 1; R. Sloane (Ade) 2; C. Guthrie (Geel) 3

R9 v Gold Coast: D. Talia (Ade) 1; T. Lynch (Ade) 2; T. Walker (Ade) 3

R10 v GWS: J. Kelly (GWS) 1; E. Betts (Ade) 2; T. Walker (Ade) 3

R11 v St Kilda: M. Crouch (Ade) 1; R. Sloane (Ade) 2; J. Jenkins (Ade) 3

R12 v West Coast: E. Betts (Ade) 1; R. Laird (Ade) 2; R. Sloane (Ade) 3

R13 bye

R14 v Kangaroos: J. Ziebell (NM) 1; R. Sloane (Ade) 2; M. Crouch (Ade) 3

R15 v Melbourne: R. Sloane (Ade) 1; N. Jones (Melb) 2; R. Laird (Ade) 3

R16 v Carlton: R. Laird (Ade) 1; S. Jacobs (Ade) 2; R. Sloane (Ade) 3

R17 v Collingwood: A. Treloar (Coll) 1; B. Crouch (Ade) 2; B. Grundy (Coll) 3

R18 v Geelong: P. Dangerfield (Geel) 1; J. Selwood (Geel) 2; C. Enright (Geel) 3

R19 v Essendon: E. Betts (Ade) 1; R. Laird (Ade) 2; R. Sloane (Ade) 3

R20 v Brisbane: D. Talia (Ade) 1; B. Crouch (Ade) 2; R. Sloane (Ade) 3

R21 v Fremantle: M. Walters (Fre) 1; E. Betts (Ade) 2; R. Laird (Ade) 3

R22 v Port: E. Betts (Ade) 1; O. Wines (PA) 2; M. Crouch (Ade) 3

R23 v West Coast: T. Barrass (WC); J. Kennedy (WC); A. Gaff (WC) 3  


Crows votegetters

24: Sloane*

11: Laird

10: Betts

8: Jenkins

7: M. Crouch

6: Walker

5: Lynch, Thompson

4: B. Crouch

2: Jacobs, Smith, Talia

1: Atkins