Adelaide’s new recruits Ben Keays and Ben Crocker arrived at West Lakes for their first training session as Crows on Monday.

Speaking to the media post-training, both Keays and Crocker named which of their new teammates had been their toughest opponents in the past. 

Keays, who has spent a significant amount of his football career as a forward, said he was pleased to no longer line up against All-Australian half-back Rory Laird.

“Rory Laird - he just racks it up and he lets you know about it too,” Keays told the media at West Lakes on Monday afternoon.

“We’ve already had a little bit of a laugh about that.”

For Crocker, he was glad to have fellow recruit Keays on his side.

“I’m happy to have Keaysy, I played Under 18s with him so I was stoked when I saw his name read out as well,” Crocker said.

Already accustomed to being in the AFL system, the duo were straight into training on Monday morning, excited to join the Crows at a time of significant change.

“For me, the Crows are such a respected, proud club with a strong history and a large fan base,” Keays said.

“It is a clean slate for everyone, it’s exciting to get to come in and build the culture with Nicksy and build his game style together.”

The former Brisbane Lion, who was picked up by Adelaide with rookie pick No. 7, said he’d seen the benefits of a clean slate during his time in Queensland.

“The benefits of everyone having to buy in to a new game style and new culture together, rather than new guys coming in and them learning it on their own.”

“Hopefully it’s a good turnaround with Nicksy.”

Crocker was confident he could bring the knowledge he’s picked up from being a part of Collingwood’s winning culture in recent years.

“Hopefully I can bring a few things from Collingwood, obviously we’ve been contending for the past few years,” Crocker said.

“I’m hoping it can be something that plays to our (Crocker and Keays’) advantage being at Adelaide now.”