Seven new Crows arrived at West Lakes on Monday for their first day of pre-season, and it didn’t take long for be assigned their guernsey numbers for 2020.

South Australian midfielder Harry Schoenberg was claimed the No.26, following in the footsteps of dual premiership captain Mark Bickley and more recently, 2010 Club Champion Richard Douglas.

“It’s pretty special, a few great Crows have worn that over time - Mark Bickley and Richard Douglas,” Schoenberg said.

“I’ll be very proud to wear No.26.”

Adelaide’s first draft pick, Fischer McAsey, will don No.35 while his former Sandringham Dragons teammate Josh Worrell will take over No.24, worn by ruckman Sam Jacobs for the past eight seasons.

Ronin O’Connor will wear No.37 and Lachlan Gollant will take No.44 - left vacant by Lachlan Murphy who switched to No.4 last month.

Rookie recruit Ben Keays is the new owner of No.28 and Ben Crocker will wear No.20 after former owner Chayce Jones shuffled down to No.1.

Rounding out the new numbers, former Port Adelaide forward/ruck Billy Frampton claimed No.22 last month, while Tyson Stengle took the No.18 from Eddie Betts.

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New guernsey numbers for 2020

No.1 - Chayce Jones (From No.20)
No.2 - Brad Crouch
No.3 - Riley Knight
No.4 - Lachlan Murphy (From No.44)
No.5 - Matt Crouch
No.6 - Bryce Gibbs
No.7 - Jordan Gallucci
No.8 - Jake Kelly
No.9 - Rory Sloane
No.10 - Myles Poholke
No.11 - Paul Seedsman
No.12 - Daniel Talia
No.13 - Taylor Walker
No.14 - David Mackay
No.15 - Kyle Hartigan
No.16 - Luke Brown
No.17 - Will Hamill (From No.35)
No.18 - Tyson Stengle (From No.17)
No.20 - Ben Crocker
No.21 - Rory Atkins
No.22 - Billy Frampton
No.23 - Shane McAdam
No.24 - Josh Worrell
No.25 - Ned McHenry
No.26 - Harry Schoenberg
No.27 - Tom Lynch
No.28 - Ben Keays
No.29 - Rory Laird
No.30 - Wayne Milera Junior
No.31 - Patrick Wilson
No.32 - Darcy Fogarty
No.33 - Brodie Smith
No.34 - Elliott Himmelberg
No.35 - Fischer McAsey
No.36 - Andrew McPherson
No.37 - Ronin O’Connor
No.38 - Lachlan Sholl
No.39 - Tom Doedee
No.40 - Ben Davis
No.41 - Jordon Butts
No.43 - Reilly O’Brien
No.44 - Lachlan Gollant
No.45 - Kieran Strachan