In the wake of the devastating bushfires that rocked towns across the country, several Crows players have travelled to Kangaroo Island to lend a hand to the community.

The island was among the most affected in recent months, leaving Crows captain Rory Sloane wanting to help.

“I was speaking to Emma Bahr (Crows Player Development Manager) who is from KI and I was asking if there was anything we could do,” Sloane told AFC Media.

“We decided we wanted to help give the local kids a smile and a laugh after everything that’s happened, and also give the parents a bit of a break.”

Sloane, joined by Rory Laird, Bryce Gibbs, Myles Poholke and the majority of the 2019 draftees, will visit the Parndana Football Club and the Kangaroo Island Community Education’s Kingscote campus.

A strong supporter of the Book Them Out campaign, Sloane was eager to get behind the island’s local businesses.

“So many of these fire-affected areas would have lost a lot, particularly financially in their peak tourism period, so it’s important we help out,” Sloane said.

“It’ll be great for the young guys to see such a significant and beautiful part of South Australia and have the opportunity to support it.

“Visiting the kids is one part of it, but also just going out for lunches and spending some money in the community is important.”