Adelaide coach Matthew Nicks is not fazed about sharing a hotel with cross-town rivals Port Adelaide.

Nicks told the media on Monday the Club accepted the strange circumstances of 2020 and would do everything possible to ensure football’s return.

“Sharing a hotel with Port Adelaide? No issue,” Nicks said.

“We cross the white line and it’s on, but a lot of our guys know each other.

“We will do whatever we can to play games.”

Players returned to the Club on Monday for the first time since March and trained in groups of up to eight - with no contact.

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Ask the Coach: Matthew Nicks

Senior Coach of the Adelaide Football Club Matthew Nicks answers fan submitted questions.

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Nicks said the groups were broken up into lines (defence, midfield, forward) and that the sessions would be mostly run by senior players.

“Our players are empowered… Daniel Talia (was) running the backs session,” Nicks said.

“There’s only one coach out on the ground in an exemption area, we’re handing it all over to them (the players) this week.”

“The hardest part will be no contact.”

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Adelaide’s quarantined players in the Barossa Valley will return to training on Tuesday, however groups of eight will remain the same throughout the week.

“If you’re in a group of eight, you must stay in that group of eight until you’re next tested,” Nicks said.

The full playing list along with 25 staff will relocate to the Gold Coast on Sunday to allow contact training from May 25.

AFL is slated to return on June 11, however South Australia still has strict restrictions in place regarding contact training and quarantine.

“There hasn’t been any reservations from players, (just) a lot of questions about how it will work,” Nicks said.

“We’re working through those now.”