Adelaide’s coaches wasted no time in thrusting the players back into intensive training, young midfielder Chayce Jones has revealed.

Upon their return on Monday, players undertook a medical before resuming training as normal.

“There weren't really any fitness tests, but when we came back, it was straight into it,” Jones told AFC Media.

“It’s going to be a quick build-up to be ready for the Round Two match.

“It definitely wasn’t slow and steady.”

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Back on the track, the 20-year-old said he noticed one teammate had returned in particularly good shape.

“Ben Keays has come back really fit, he’s looking good after the Barossa,” Jones said.

“All the boys are looking good though, there’s certainly no one who has come back in poor shape.”

On Tuesday, the South Australian Government announced it would grant an exemption to contact training for the Crows and Port Adelaide.

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The decision halted Adelaide’s need to relocate to the Gold Coast on Sunday (until football starts, at least).

Jones, while sympathetic for his teammates with young families, said he would do whatever was necessary to play football again.

“Going up the Gold Coast, it’s one of those decisions you have to just go with it,” he said.

“As hard as moving away from family and friends (would be), I’m just looking forward to playing football again.