Shorter quarters create urgency and can lead to more skill errors in matches, Crows assistant coach Mick Godden believes.

In 2020, quarters have been shortened to 16 minutes (down from 20) plus time on to allow flexibility in the fixture.

Godden, the Crows’ midfield coach, said adjustments needed to be made to combat the shorter terms.

“If you do get two or three goals quickly against you, you have to recover that a lot quicker than normal… it can create more errors by doing that,” Godden told The Optus Crows Show.

“Normally you can take the heat of the game, slowly work your way back into it with the extra time.

“(If) you look at the time remaining and there’s only five or six minutes in the quarter… you don’t feel like there’s much time to get back.

“The shorter quarters do create a sense of urgency.”

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Quarter-time and three-quarter-time breaks have also been lengthened to eight minutes (up from six) and centre bounces after a goal have approximately an extra 15 seconds before commencing.

“The extra time between goals, that feels like an eternity sometimes,” Godden said.

“When you have momentum, you want to keep that momentum.

“And when you lose it, you want to get back into it quickly as well.

“That’s the biggest change from the coaches box, the length between quarters and goals.”

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