Adelaide’s National Recruiting Manager Hamish Ogilvie says netting a youngster with speed and power is high on the Club’s agenda ahead of this year’s National Draft.

The 2021 AFL National Draft will be hosted over two nights, starting this Wednesday and the Crows hold picks No.4, 33, 74, 76 and 87.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Ogilvie said the Club wanted to inject more speed into its midfield and that would be a priority come Wednesday.

“We’d certainly like to look at some speed and power throughout the draft,” Ogilvie said.

“Certainly there’ll be some outside mids through the first picks and some more midfielders if we stay at 33, I think there will be some midfielders with some speed and power there.

“This is not a bad draft for players of that type.

“We’ll line them up and take the best available.”

Ogilvie said although his team had a plan, it had to prepare for change and potential pick swaps on the night.

“We are locked away but it’s not like the old days where you just used to line them up and tick them off,” Ogilvie said.

“You can’t get too locked into a target in case something changes.

“You’ve got to be very flexible as there could be a move up one spot or down two spots or a big move out to accumulate picks in the future.

“There’s always pressure and you want every pick to succeed.

“We have a great (recruiting) team, the guys have done a hell of a lot of work.”

The AFL National Draft will kick off on Wednesday, November 24 with the first 20 picks on the opening night.

The rest of the draft will be hosted on Thursday night.