Adelaide has welcomed two emerging midfielders, Tasmanian Chayce Jones and Victorian Ned McHenry, to the Club after day one of the 2018 NAB AFL draft.

The Crows’ national recruiting manager Hamish Ogilvie said his team’s approach had gone to plan, stating the Club’s decision to select both boys was a credit to their character.

“Chayce and Ned, we’ve known them for a long time and tracked them pretty hard – we think they can add a lot to our footy club,” he said.

“Chayce is ultra-competitive, he got over a reasonably serious injury last year to have a fantastic season this year and his draft camp was outstanding.”

“He stepped up to play a significant role in the midfield in the Allies in the division one nationals, which is a great sign for a kid from Tassie… he’s a ripper lad of really high character.”

He described McHenry as busy, enthusiastic and an elite runner.

“He had a fantastic year for the Falcons and played really well last year in the TAC cup and was a really solid performer for Vic Country, so we think Ned can add a lot to our footy club.”

Just before the night came to a close, Adelaide made a historic trade with Carlton.

In offering up pick 19, Adelaide will swap its first-round pick in next year’s draft for the Blues’ first round pick.

Heading in to day two of the 2018 NAB AFL Draft, the Club’s recruiting team reassessed its options.

“It’s half-time for us – we’ve still got two to go but it’s been a good start…  the two boys, we’re really really pleased to bring them in,” Ogilvie said.

“We’ve got to make the most of our next pick, which is a really good pick at 24 – as it stands at the moment it’s the second pick on the second day and we’ll take our last pick now as well.”

Currently holding the second pick of day two with pick 24, Ogilvie said he hoped the Club’s pick would not be forced down the order.

“I’ll be pretty happy if it [pick 24] stays to take the player we’ve got pegged at that pick and then we have a later pick [pick no. 69] too,” Ogilvie said.

“Then we’ll have a bit of a break to reassess and have a look at the rookies and we’d like the chance to bring Paul Hunter back too.”