The Trade Period deadline is moving to prime time and the NAB AFL Draft will become a two-day event under major changes designed to turn player movement in an extravaganza. has confirmed live trading of picks will be available to clubs for the very first time.

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The trade deadline has been scheduled for 8.30pm on Wednesday, October 17, making the trade period itself slightly shorter.

The draft is returning to Victoria for the first time since 2009, with the televised event being held on November 22 and 23.

The League has written to clubs confirming the live trading "will be introduced to provide clubs with more flexibility when making player selections and managing their lists."  

Also under consideration for the event, which has been extended to two days for the first time, is to have the main presentation happen on the oval itself, with clubs using corporate boxes in the grandstands as their own individual 'war rooms'. 

It's understood future picks can be traded live up to one year in advance, but once players have been drafted they are off the table and cannot be traded on draft night. 

Live trading will also mean there'll be an additional window after the conclusion of the Trade Period for trading of 'selections only' in the lead up to draft night.

Clubs contacted by were still dissecting the changes, but were broadly supportive of the initiatives, which will require significant planning by list management teams. 

Key player movement dates

Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agency
9am Friday October 5 to 5pm Friday October 12

NAB AFL Trade Period – Players and Selections
10am Monday October 8 to 8.30pm Wednesday October 17

NAB AFL Trade Period – Selections only
9am Thursday October 18 to 2pm Friday November 16 

First Round: Evening Thursday November 22 (time to be confirmed)
Second Round to completion: Friday November 23 (time to be confirmed)

NAB AFL Preseason and Rookie Drafts
Evening Friday November 23 (time to be confirmed)