Young Crow Ned McHenry has named teammates Reilly O’Brien and Jake Kelly as his greatest influences at the Club.

The 19-year-old lived with O’Brien and Kelly when he first moved to Adelaide in 2018 and the trio have been close ever since. 

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“My two good friends Reilly and Jake - they’re some of the most professional guys at the Club,” McHenry told AFC Media.

“I did live with them initially, which was awesome because they set the standards with preparing for training, eating right and taking care of their bodies.

“To be friends with them and be around that all the time is really infectious - they’re awesome.”

Although he named O’Brien and Kelly first, McHenry said the Club’s young players were spoilt for choice when it came to role models.

“There’s been so many, we’re so lucky with that - there’s so many players that are ready to help,” McHenry said.

“Tom Lynch has been a massive one too.” 

After battling a stint of injury last season, McHenry said he wanted to string together a full pre-season in 2020.

“One of the main focuses for me this pre-season was to make sure my body was right and ready to compete in every session”

“That’s been achieved through everything I’ve done with the medical team - working on my core strength.

“I’ve been out at every training, feeling good and I’m not sore, so pre-season’s going really well - I’m really happy.”