Following Adelaide's loss to Port Adelaide, Crows Science and Medical Services Coordinator Steve Saunders provided the following injury report:

Rory Sloane

Sloane had a high grade contusion to the right thigh when it made contact with an opponent's heel in a contest. Although he attempted to return to play, his function was severely limited and he was removed from play.

He'll be tested late in the week to determine whether he'll be fit to play next week.

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R2: Sloane injured

Rory Sloane went off the ground injured during the clash with Port Adelaide.

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Jake Kelly

Jake suffered a concussion in the first quarter when in a contest his head made contact with an opponent's hip. He was taken from the field, assessed by doctors and in accordance with concussion protocols was not allowed to return to play.

He'll follow normal concussion protocols throughout the week.

Patrick Wilson

Patty had an opponent fall across his right arm when he was landing from an aerial contest and dislocated his right shoulder. He was removed from play and will undergo scans Monday morning.