Get to know Adelaide women's forward Sarah Perkins

Guernsey number: 28

Twitter: @sarahperkins28

Instagram: @perko.28

Nickname: Perko

Preferred footy position: Forward

Occupation: Branch Staff at Reece Plumbing

Best piece of advice you have received: Be yourself and remember everything happens for a reason, use each obstacle as a motivator

Sporting highlight or greatest achievement: Being named in the Swisse VFL Women's team of the year. Signing with the Crows

What’s your brief history in footy:

- Started playing when I was 16 for the East Burwood Devils because a friend made me go to training

- 3x Victorian player

- Still playing at the Devils, was named in the VFL team of the year in 2016

If you weren't a footballer, what would you be doing: Travelling the world teaching sport or playing netball

Motto you live by: Success is the best revenge

If you could ask one person to be your mentor, who would it be: Jarryd Roughead

Morning or night person: Morning

Preferred timeslot to play matches: Don't mind

Match day superstitions: Last player to leave the change room and lucky undies

Worst injury you have had: Slipped disc in my hip

Last text you sent: Not sure!

What couldn't you live without: My football

Favourite sport other than footy: Netball

Dream travel destination: Scotland or Greece

Tea or coffee: Tea

Savoury or sweet: Savoury

Go to pump up music pre game: Power, Kanye West

Go to meal pre game: Chicken Pasta

Favourite movie: She's The Man

Favourite TV series: One Tree Hill