It has been almost a month since Taylor Walker and wife Ellie welcomed their son Hugo into the world and the Crows forward is loving every minute.

Speaking to Roo and Ditts on Triple M, Walker described parenting as “the best thing anyone can ever do”.

“I love it... you can’t express your feelings to anyone until you’ve actually gone through it,” Walker said.

“It’s the best fun, you’re bloody excited to get home.

“You don’t get told off as much because Ellie has all her eggs in the basket to help out Hugo.

“He’s a little champion, he’s feeding well, sleeping well, so it’s great fun.”

Although Ellie has agreed to take the bulk of the night shifts with Hugo, Walker said having a child has made him question why anyone would use the phrase ‘I slept like a baby’.

“So did you have an interrupted sleep? Did you wet your pants? - I don’t understand it,” Walker said.

“I’m getting enough sleep, I’ve had a few mornings that I’ve been a bit grumpy, but nothing a coffee hit won’t fix.

“Ellie said she’d happily get up during the night, so I fix him up with his last feed and then I get him up, ready for his first feed and then shoot off to training.”

Walker returned to training at West Lakes two and a half weeks ago and on Monday, was introduced to the newest crop of draftees.

“They’re great kids, some of them are super, super intelligent - apparently got really good scores in their ATARs,” Walker said.

“We’re quite a young team this year so it’s re-energised us and it’s very enjoyable at the moment.”